Modern Foreign Languages

In Modern Foreign Languages, we strive to provide students with an exciting, innovative, stimulating and interactive experience of learning a new language.  Students will quickly realise the importance of listening as the first skill of learning a language.  They will rapidly be able to develop their own skills in speaking by learning the importance of pronunciation, accent and intonations.  The remaining linguistic skills of reading and writing will be introduced, consolidated and extended to enable students to be confident and competent learners.

Year 7:

Autumn Term: Family and friends

Spring Term: Sports and Hobbies

Summer Term: Home and Town

Year 8:

Autumn Term: Shopping for clothes and Food

Spring Term: Holidays

Summer Term: Holidays and role-plays on holiday

Year 9:

Autumn Term: Family, friends and relationships, marriage –

Spring Term: Health living (including eating and drinking healthily and regular exercise)

Summer Term: Communications Technology (including the new social media).

Year 10:

Summer Term: Life at school, Future Study and the World of Work.

Year 11:

Autumn Term: Revision of all topics covered in Year 9

Spring Term: Revision of all topics covered in Year 10

Summer Term: Exam Practice and final end of course GCSE Exams in Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing

Autumn Term:  Holidays – Travel & Tourism (including global issues and pollution)

Spring Term: Home, Town and the local, national and global environmental (including Charity Work and Homelessness)