Careers Information

Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance (CEIAG)


At Ashlawn we have the highest expectation of our students and their potential. We recognise that Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance (CEIAG) makes a significant contribution to preparing our students to take their place as suitably qualified and responsible adults within society, who can make informed choices and achieve personal and economic wellbeing throughout their lives. CEIAG will enable all students to develop key employability and enterprise skills which are highly valued by employers, colleges, universities and apprenticeship providers.


CEIAG at Ashlawn will:
● Provide a planned programme of activities to which all students from Years 7-13 are entitled
● Help them to plan and manage their careers
● Provide information, advice and guidance (IAG) which is impartial, unbiased and is based on the students’ needs
● Follow best practice guidance from the careers profession and other expert bodies
● Work in partnership with the outside providers to ensure all students access education, employment or training after KS4 and 5
● Aim to provide inspiration and aspiration as well as advice about Local Market information

Programme of study

Year 7: Managing Change

● Understanding the meaning of career and making realistic choices
● Financial awareness: the concepts of positives and negatives of money
● Identifying and managing the transition points of life

Year 8 : Proud to be me

● Employability and enterprise skills
● Career management – self awareness
● Labour market information and exploring different careers

Year 9 : Essential life skills

● Saving and managing money
● Evaluate own strengths, interests, skills and qualities relate to future employability to help with the options process
● Employability and financial management skills

Year 10 : Rights and Responsibilities

● Employment rights
● Exploring a paycheck
● Work experience week
● Mock interviews with local employers

Year 11 : Future and beyond

● An introduction to the post 16 application process
● Support with Apprenticeship applications
● CV writing
● One to one careers guidance interviews
Students in year 11 have access to a careers interview with Prospects to plan their routes Post 16.
We are keen to measure the effectiveness and impact of our careers programme at Ashlawn, and this is done in a number of ways including student destination data and surveys. We are keen to gain feedback from a range of stakeholders including parents, students, teachers and employers. If you would like to give us feedback about our careers programme, please get in touch using the contacts below:
Natasha Booth Assistant Principal:

Post 16 Pathways

The National Qualifications Framework

Students and parents need to be aware of the National Qualification framework. Each accredited qualification fits into one of the levels and at the end of KS4, students will apply for either:

Foundation/Entry Level.
Level 1 (equivalent to 4 grades 3 at GCSE or equivalent qualification eg BTEC )
Level 2 (equivalent to 5 grades 4/5 at GCSE or equivalent qualification eg BTEC or Intermediate Apprenticeship)
Level 3 (equivalent to A levels or equivalent qualification eg BTEC or Advanced Apprenticeship.

In practice the vast majority of our students in year 11 will apply for level 3 qualifications depending on their grade predictions and we hope that this will be to continue their learning journey at Ashlawn. You cannot apply for a level 3 qualification if you have not reached the requirements for level 2. In practice, most post 16 institutions will consider this to be 5 grades 4/5 or equivalent usually including English and Maths.

It is worth noting that A levels are only some of the level 3 qualifications available to students. BTECs level 3, as well as Advanced Apprenticeships, are also recognised level 3 qualifications and there are many others. Generally, completion of level 3 qualifications will give access to higher education.
Ashlawn staff will do their utmost to guide students through the process, they will signpost students to information they will need, but it is each student’s responsibility to act on the advice given, to do research and of course to make appropriate choices.

Post 16 Application Process at Ashlawn

The school will work with local 6th forms and colleges to support all students post 16 application process. Every year 11 student will have the opportunity to receive a careers interview with prospects prior to making their post 16 choices.

The Baker Clause.

Links are proactively being developed, with local post 16 providers and local higher education providers, academic and vocational, as well as representatives from a wide range of career sectors.
External providers and local employers who are interested in supporting our students should contact either:
Natasha Booth (Assistant Principal)

Careers Resources

Access to current nationwide vacancies.
Amazing tools to help you think about possible careers and the qualifications you will need to enter these. It is free to register and helps you identify your strengths, possible careers (some you may never have heard of) and a whole host of other fun activities.
Impartial advice on different career routes, CV writing etc. It also has a free phone number which gives students access to specialist careers advice with a trained careers adviser.
Job sectors – The skills and qualifications needed to get into that job, what the work would be like, the pay you could expect, what the career prospects are.
‘Job sector quiz’ to find out what career area you are suited to.
Job profiles and career information including ‘What can i do with my degree?’
Helping students to develop the employability skills they need to go into the world of work
Careers website full of tips and advice, particularly about what subjects to study as options
University courses and applications
Live apprenticeship vacancies.
Volunteering opportunities
Job and apprenticeship vacancies

Employer Engagement

At Ashlawn we are very keen to get our students to engage with careers in a practical way. We have found that students gain a lot from external speakers, experiences and people who can offer different viewpoints. Because of this, we are very interested in getting people in to engage with keen learners and bring areas of study and work to life.

If you would be able to offer us any support – by providing work placements, for example, or sharing your experiences in a particular industry or career – Please get in touch with us by contacting:

Natasha Booth (Assistant Principal and Careers Lead) Ph: 01788 573425