Extra-curricular Opportunities

Ashlawn School is strong in the cultural, creative and leadership activities which extend learning. Learning is developed beyond the classroom to enrich students and develop the skills and qualities that are very much a pre-requisite for success in later life.

Visits and other enrichment activities are organised in all subjects and across all year groups, including yearly ski trips to Germany, international trips by PE to America and Modern Foreign Languages to France, Germany and Spain. Students also have had the opportunity to participate in World Challenge to countries such as India, Peru, Vietnam and Borneo.

Sport activities and teams include rugby, soccer, netball, hockey, basketball, cricket, tennis, badminton, gymnastics, trampolining, table tennis, athletics and extreme frisbee.

Highlights of the school year include a school production, dance and drama activities and performances. Art is celebrated with the annual exhibition, which is open to our local community while music ensembles, choirs and bands celebrate cultural diversity.

Leadership is central to inspiring students to set and reach their own goals for successful and fulfilling lives. Students take on many leadership responsibilities including the School Council, Student Leaders, and many older students mentor younger students. Extra-curricular clubs cater for, amongst other things, aspiring scientists, designers and journalists supporting the Ashlawn ideal that extra-curricular activities encourage students to learn the importance of developing their own talents and contributing to the wider community.