Ethos and Values


At Ashlawn School we believe that education transforms lives and that excellent learning and leadership opportunities go together to support students and staff to maximise their potential and future life chances.


Our ethos and vision lie at the heart of everything that we do at Ashlawn School and is demonstrated though the people in our community and our organisational planning.  Our vision for all of our students is to support their development into people who are confident, reliable, caring and successful, with the self-esteem to participate actively and responsibly in all aspects of life in school and the wider community. 


Our school values are underpinned by the Fundamental British Values and form the basis of all that we do at Ashlawn.   

INCLUSIVITY:  All individuals enjoy the freedom and responsibility to participate fully in all aspects of school life.  Everyone is encouraged to develop an appreciation of justice, truth and compassion through understanding, cooperation, openness and creative expression.  Opportunities are open to all, with support given to all who need it.  

INDEPENDENCEStudents are equipped to lead their own learning through the acquisition and development of knowledge and skills underpinned by the understanding of what attitudes and behaviours make a successful learner.  Students are given the opportunity to take on leadership roles at school at all stages of their Ashlawn educational journey.

CHALLENGE:  Through collaboration and respect, our community is committed to the highest standards.  Staff expect students to do their best and encourage them to persevere with a task and engage with the ‘learning struggle’ in order to make progress.  Students have the opportunity to challenge themselves through enriched learning opportunities.

ASPIRATION:  Learning experiences are personalised, challenging and encourage self-belief and discovery while fostering a commitment to lifelong learning that inspires all to become all that they can be.  Students are encouraged to aim high and are supported in their aspirations with excellent experiences in the classroom and exposure to high quality careers advice and guidance.







Mutual Respect


Tolerance of different faiths and beliefs

Be Kind

Be Respectful


Individual liberty

Be Prepared

Be Positive

Be Resilient



The Rule of Law

Be Honest

Be Committed




Be Ambitious

Be Engaged