Welcome to the Photography page within the Art Department.

Our Photography course aims to help students to understand 35mm film technologies as well as digital capabilities. It also develops their ability to explore creative techniques through a variety of projects and activities. The skills acquired in Photography lessons will help many students to broaden their imagination and creativity that is needed in many of their chosen careers within and throughout the Design world.

Photography is either taught as a selected one year course in Year 11 or outside of the curriculum in an opting in session where students opt into a study session. During Year 11, Ashlawn students learn to develop their creative understanding of photography and its manipulation and ability to tell a story. This is a full GCSE course and students will develop these skills and techniques in more depth, manipulating their skills in a personal way.  This is especially evident in the second unit where further development and increased personalisation takes place if students select this subject for A level.

The Photography course includes an extensive range of activities; which inspire and develop many inter-personal skills as well as technical understanding and expression of critical techniques.