Sociology literally means the “science of society”. At its most basic level, Sociology is the study of why we are the way we are. Sociologists believe that humans are born as blank canvases and are “built” by society. Its aim is to understand how societies work. It investigates the structures and cultures of different societies throughout the world and throughout history. Students look at family, education, beliefs and crime and probe beneath the surface of society to find out what is actually going on. At the centre of the course is the search for how our identities formed and how aspects of our identities such as class, age, gender and ethnicity affect our lives. Society shapes all of us therefore the job of the sociologist is to explore this link between society and the individual. Sociology does not claim to have all of the answers to the questions above. Because we are dealing with people and people have the ability to think, act and respond to things differently, it is hard to make any fixed laws about human behaviour. We therefore debate various viewpoints and provide sociological evidence for each side. It is therefore important that Sociology students have an open mind and an interest in the world around you.

A Level Sociology is a two year course; at the end of the course students will sit three exams each worth 33% of the final grade.