The criminology department at Ashlawn seeks to teach learners the importance of criminological theories and changing awareness of crime. This Scheme of Work is designed to support teaching Unit 1 and Unit 2 of the WJEC Level 3 Applied Certificate & Diploma in Criminology specification. This is specifically useful when using the Napier Press textbook, Criminology Book One by Rob Webb and Annie Townend. The Scheme of Work is fully integrated with the textbook. In each section of the Scheme of Work there are references to the appropriate pages in the textbook to refer students to when they are studying each Topic. Topic refers to the Assessment Criteria in the specification and to the relevant Topics in the companion textbook, Criminology Book One.

Learning Objectives are the outcomes for the student on completion of the Topic. Students’ achievement of these objectives will be checked by means of the activities and assessments indicated in the Scheme of Work. Independent Activities comprises of activities that can be completed by students either in class or independently outside of class.

Why this: The exam board recommends that you teach the units in numerical order as there is an element of synopticity in the course.

Why now: The course is split into a first-year qualification (certificate) and the full two-year course (diploma), therefore, to follow the guidance through enables students to cash in their qualifications if they decide they would like to do so after one year.

Why here: The first unit is a controlled assessment which allows students longer time to improve their extended writing ready for their summer external exam. Unit one is also a more general introduction to the course and lays the foundations of what different types of crime are & what/how campaigns work which will allow deeper development of learning around these areas in Unit Two.