BTEC Applied Science

BTEC Applied Science

Our level 3 Diploma in Applied Science is equivalent to two A Levels, and is ideal for those with a keen interest in all aspects of science (Biology, Chemistry and Physics). Those studying this course typically continue to study Science related subjects at degree level and the course is accepted by 97% of universities in the UK. This course is suited for those who perform well in both coursework and examination assessments and are highly organised.

Students study eight modules over two years, and participate in a large amount of practical work and independent study.

Some modules are assessed by the teaching staff at Ashlawn School, and some modules are assessed by external examinations. External examinations take place both in Year 12 and year 13, in January and June.

Units Covered:
Unit 1 – Fundamentals of Science I (externally assessed)
Unit 2 – Practical Scientific Procedures and Techniques
Unit 3 – Science Investigation Skills (externally assessed)
Unit 4 – Laboratory Techniques and their Application 
Unit 5 – Principles and Applications of Science II (externally assessed)
Unit 6 – Investigative Project
Unit 8 – Physiology of Human Body Systems
Unit 12 – Infections and Disease

BTEC Applied Science
Course leader:  Miss C Gilbert :