Welcome Year 7

Dear Parent/Guardian and Student,

We are delighted to welcome you to Ashlawn School. We are looking forward to meeting all new students during the summer term when we visit them in school. We will also be inviting parents and carers into school in July where we can share with you the school vision and welcome you into the Ashlawn family. 

We have a long-established reputation for traditional values, high academic achievement and providing an excellent student experience. Underpinning our belief that every child should be happy and successful are our school ‘CARE’ values. We teach our students the importance of community, aspiration, respect and excellence throughout their journey at school and hope they emulate that as they grow into adulthood. https://www.ashlawn.org.uk/about-us/ethos-and-values/ . 

As a transition team we are all excited to work alongside you and your current school in ensuring that your transition into Ashlawn school is as smooth as possible. We are looking forward to welcoming you through our doors as the newest members of the Ashlawn School community. 

Please continue to refer back to this page, as well as monitor our social media pages for more information on your transition, letters and policy updates.

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Kind regards
Mr Charlie Pyle
Key Stage 3 Leader