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Ashlawn Teaching School

Launched in 2014, Ashlawn Teaching School is the professional development centre for schools, academies and trusts in the Midlands. Our purpose is to provide high quality training, support and induction for the teaching profession.
Whether you are looking for high quality (senior, middle or aspiring) leadership development experiences, professional coaching, personalised training, subject-specific expertise or a fully mentor-supported route through initial teacher training, then Ashlawn Teaching School is here for you.

Ashlawn Teaching School has an exemplary record in leading school improvement across the system. We operate at all levels, from systems leadership, supported by an experienced National Leader in Education (NLE) and a team of Specialist Leaders in Education (SLE), to bespoke development programmes and partnerships facilitated by senior leaders with a proven track record for improving experiences and outcomes for all students.

We are available to all professional, schools, academies and trusts.




Thinking of a Career in Teaching?

School Direct

One way of getting into teaching is through a programme called School Direct. It is a course which is based for the main part in a lead school (or one of its partner schools) but with some contact with a university.

How long will it take?

Typically this is a one year course

What previous qualifications must I have?

You should hold a degree in the subject you are interested in teaching and you must have GCSE’s in English and mathematics.

What if I don’t have a degree?

Get in touch with us if you think you have qualifications or experiences which you think would make you a suitable candidate to become a teacher

Where will I train?

You’ll train in at least two schools

Will I be a qualified teacher at the end of the course?

Yes, you will be awarded Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) and designated a Newly Qualified Teacher (NQT). You will be awarded a Post Graduate Certificate in Education (PGCE) and/or in some cases Masters-level credits.

What support might I expect?

You will receive intensive support from a professional mentor, be attached to a subject-area or department and work in a team of experienced professionals.

Do I Need Any Special Checks to Work with Children?

Yes. All adults who work closely with children will need to agree to be subject to an official enhanced safeguarding check, but we will help you through this process and undertake it on your behalf.

For more information or to arrange a meeting to discuss this further please contact Mrs Angela Greenway, Director of Teaching School, Ashlawn School on the email: greenwaya@ashlawn.org.uk

Not Sure If Teaching Is Right For You?

We understand that deciding to become a teacher can be a bit daunting, but don’t worry; we have a number of programmes to help you make up your mind.

Personal Appointment

If you would like to discuss your particular situation with an experienced school leader then please get in touch and we will help you to consider whether teaching is right for you and if so, which route you could take into teaching.

The School Experience Programme

This is up to a 10-day placement which will enable you to gain school experience. You can observe lessons, ask questions, understand how teachers plan and assess learning, and discuss different approaches to helping young people make progress.

The 10-day placement can be arranged as a block of time or it can be spread over a number of weeks and months and it can occur across a number of schools to widen and deepen the experience.

The School Experience Programme is popular with those who have decided that they would like to undertake  initial teacher training but would like to get some first-hand experience before they begin their course. 

School Work Experience

As a multi-academy trust Ashlawn may be able to offer or arrange an extended work experience placement. You will typically be a graduate and you may be considering whether the teaching profession is the right choice for your next career move. Depending on your skills, qualifications and level of experience and expertise we can tailor a work experience placement to suit your needs. You will need to agree to be subject to an official enhanced safeguarding check, but we will help you through this process and undertake it on your behalf.


Supporting and Developing Professionals and Schools


System Leadership

When schools or academies experience difficulties then it is often useful to see how other organisations have responded to similar challenges or difficulties. Whilst individual contexts might differ schools have learned to innovate in order to develop and become successful. 

Ashlawn Teaching School has a wealth of experience upon which to draw including peer school-evaluations, proven models in raising standards, strategies to reduce performance variation, innovations in leading learning, system leadership development and strategic planning. Whether you are considering a new progress data tracking system, strategic timetabling and curriculum mapping or a whole-school strategy to improve challenge and deep learning then Ashlawn Teaching School can help. 

With an experienced NLE, accredited SLEs and trainers, senior and middle leaders and expert practitioners from a range of disciplines we are sure that we can support you in school improvement.

Leadership Development

For many years Ashlawn School has worked with agencies across the country to plan, develop and facilitate leadership development experiences. Our bespoke approach has included NPQH tutoring, SLT shadowing, professional coaching, and leadership mentoring. 

We have also been pleased to lead training programmes in and for other schools which have a particular focus on developing leadership in different contexts: systems, senior, middle and aspiring leaders with whom we have worked have all enjoyed a professional and challenging programme of development and enrichment.

Professional Development

Effective training and professional development is at the heart of an improving school. With changing contexts, qualifications, standards and expectations comes the requirement to do things differently. Professional development to individual staff (be they a NQT, lead practitioner, non-specialist, a specialist seeking to retain in another specialism, an aspirant leader or an experienced subject or pastoral leader ready to make the step to senior whole-school leadership) is often a pre-cursor to developing high performing teams. 

Professional development can take many forms from intensive coaching, observation and formative feedback, mentoring, training, shadowing and up-skilling. 

Are you…

•    a NQT looking for high quality individual coaching on improving your practice?
•    a teacher wanting to improve in the classroom?
•    a head of department or subject leader requiring team training?
•    an experienced middle leader looking to develop senior whole-school leadership skills?
•    wanting to be trained as an SLE?
•    needing training to be a trainer?
•    leading a whole school initiative and wanting maximum impact?
•    a governor wanting to better hold leaders to account?

If so, then why not get in touch with Ashlawn Teaching School.

Email: kirkj@ashlawn.org.uk

School-to-School Support

The National College for Teaching and Leadership (NCTL) provides grants, for teaching schools and national leaders of education (NLEs), to support school improvement by working with underperforming maintained schools and academies.

Typically schools who are in receipt of this funding be a maintained school judged by Ofsted as requires improvement or an academy judged as requires improvement or inadequate.

Ashlawn Teaching School has worked as a school-to-school partner with both primary and secondary schools.
Please contact us for more information.

Email: kirkj@ashlawn.org.uk