The well-being of every child is the most important aspect of any school and a child who feels supported, confident, happy and safe is much more likely to thrive
than one who does not. Ashlawn School has an outstanding pastoral team who offer care, guidance and support to all students. The team is a highly effective unit, supporting students; closely monitoring academic progress and acting swiftly to implement necessary intervention.

The strong pastoral systems are led by Heads of School (Lower, Upper and Sixth Form). Each year group is led by a Head of Year and they are supported by pastoral assistants and a tutor team. The Head of Year has responsibility for their year group on a day to day basis, monitoring all aspects of a student’s experience including attendance, behaviour and academic progress. Tutors meet their tutor group every day and are the first and key provider of student support.

In addition to this and working in conjunction with the pastoral team, the school provided extra support with the SENCO, Inclusion team and Learning Mentors. We also work with a number of external agencies to ensure the pastoral support is effective and takes into account the needs of every student.

Successful Pastoral Care is a partnership between the School and the home and Ashlawn School is committed to developing and maintaining these strong links. Regular formal contact is made through reports, mentoring days and parent’s afternoons. Individual issues are discussed through letter, telephone or individual appointments at school. Parents and guardians are always welcome and are encouraged to contact their child’s tutor, head of year or subject teacher if they have any questions or concerns.

Meet the team
Pastoral Leadership Head of Year Pastoral Assistants Learning Mentors

Liz Cheney - Deputy Headteacher




Amelia Merrigan

Zoe Smith

Louise Stuart

Olivia Cole

Evie O'Brien


Lorna Pountney:
Head of Lower School (Years 7, 8 and 9)

Nathan Ellis:
Year 7

James Barton:
Year 8

Rhiannon Spear:
Year 9

Jasmine Etheridge:



Gareth O'Flaherty:


Kate Smith:
Head of Upper School (Year 10 and 11)

Emily Wheller:
Year 10

Neil Taylor:
Year 11

Jasmine Etheridge:


Donna Graham:


Martha Bruchez

John Naylor:
Head of Sixth Form

Lisa Smith:
Year 12

Lorraine Cunliffe:
Year 13

Rebecca Hall: